How to Start a Blog

in 3 Easy Steps


Whether you want to share your hobby, generate a passive income, or begin a new adventure, starting a blog may be the best decision you'll ever make.

I know it was for me.

I started a blog called Smart Classroom Management eleven years ago, and it has enriched my life and my family's future more than I could've imagined.

It has allowed me to express my ideas to thousands of readers every week, provided a 15-20k monthly income, and given me the freedom to live life on my own terms. 


It can do the same for you.

The goods news is that it's easy to get started. Just follow the steps below and you'll be writing your first article within minutes.


Before we begin it's important to note that there are several ways to set up a blog. I'm going to show you what I believe to be the best way, both in ease of use and potential for growth.

Are you ready to get started?

Let's go!

(Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.)

Step #1: Set Up A Hosting Account

A web host is a company that rents space on a server for your blog to be displayed.

There are dozens of hosting companies to choose from, but based on my personal experience, I recommend Bluehost.

I've used Bluehost exclusively since I began blogging eleven years ago and I've never experienced a single problem. They also have a ton of great benefits:

  • Extremely affordable (only $3.95 per month)

  • 24/7 phone support

  • Free domain name

  • Unlimited email

  • Very easy to use

To begin, visit this link and click the "get started now" button.

Unless you're planning on having more than one blog, the basic plan is more than you'll ever need to start. After clicking "select," you'll be prompted to choose a domain name.

Your domain name is limited only by your imagination, but I think it's best to choose one that reflects what your site is about.

If the domain name you want is available, you'll be taken to a page offering extra tools. The only one I recommend is "Privacy + Protection." It's only a few dollars a month but it keeps your personal information associated with your domain name private. 


Finally, you'll fill out your address and payment information. And that's it. You're officially the owner of a website.

Now you just need to install blogging software and you'll be ready to go.

Step #2: Install Wordpress

Wordpress is the blogging software I use at There is a learning curve in the beginning, but it's well worth it. It offers the most flexibility, plugin options, and design elements of any other blogging platform.

There is also tons of online help if you ever get stuck.

To install, log in to your Bluehost account, click "WordPress tools" on the menu bar at top, then click "New Install" at top left.

From there, click the green "Install WordPress" button. On the next page you'll see your Wordpress login information. Be sure to jot down your URL, username, and password for safe keeping.

To log in to Wordpress, click the Admin URL or type it into your web browser. You'll be taken to the WordPress login page.


Fill in your username and password and click the blue button. (If you get lost or have any questions, you can contact Bluehost at 1 (888) 401-4678 and they'll walk you through it.)

Congratulations! You're now a blogger and can begin writing your first post.

Step #3: Select A Theme

Your theme dictates the look, feel, and design of your website.

Wordpress comes equipped with a default theme called Twenty Twenty. You can find it by clicking the Appearance tab (then Themes) along the left side of the page.


Twenty Twenty is very basic, not a lot of options, so you might want to choose from the hundreds of free themes available from Wordpress by clicking the "Add New" button at the top of the page.


I use a theme called GeneratePress. GeneratePress isn't free, but it allows you the flexibility to create your own design and change it anytime you like.


Once you install your new theme, you're set to go! 

PS - Here's the Bluehost link once again to get you started.