• Michael Linsin

Why You Should Take a Week to Write an Article

You can knock out an article in one sitting - bang away for a couple of hours, do a quick twice-over, and publish. But it would be a mistake.

Here's why:

There will be no flow.

In order to lure your reader from the first word to the last you must ensure that your article flows. It needs a comfortable rhythm, like Miles Davis blowing Summertime. The eye and mind should tumble down the page effortlessly.

Varying sentence length, allowing ample white space, and using familiar yet unique word choice and occasional cymbal-like punch all help. But it's reading the piece every day for a week that will buff out the rough patches to unveil the beauty underneath.

It will be poorly written.

The uneasiness of a slap-dash article will appear poorly written - even if there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Again, it will lack the flow and word selection that make reading a meditation rather than a turn on a water-board.

Although the reader will unlikely be able to put their finger on the reason, they'll find whatever you write to be unappealing enough to forego perusing more of your site, signing up for your email updates, or purchasing any of your offerings.

It will lack clarity.

Giving yourself a week of daily writing and editing will enable you to look at your work each day with a fresh set of eyes. Meaning, you'll see things you didn't see the day before. Useless filler words will jump off the page.

Shoehorned anecdotes will appear glaringly out of place. Redundant sentences will glow fire red. The fruit of which is that each day your piece will grow cleaner and clearer until it becomes a lean, sharp, and bold exemplar of good writing.


Yes, like a dip in a cold pool your article will shrink, sometimes to half it's original size. Although Google does favor longer posts, it will reward good over mediocre every time no matter the length.

Sitting down to work through an article every day does take more time and discipline than pumping one out in a couple of hours. But the payoff can be great. It can be the difference between success and failure.

Having no Gouda and living large.

Being a pro and an amateur.

Until next time . . .

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