• Michael Linsin

Why You Should Start Blogging For Fun

When you first start blogging, doing so for fun is the smartest and safest approach. Instead of trying to write the perfect blog post, it's best to just jump in and begin banging away at the keys.

Not carelessly, of course.

Have a topic in mind. Create a title that reflects the piece you want to write. Have your research ready, if applicable. But then, once those items are settled on and checked off, take a deep breath and go for it.

Begin typing. Don't think too much about it. Don't worry about where you'll end up. Have faith that the knowledge and wisdom you have inside you, and through the research you've done, is enough to write something worth reading.

There is a magic to good writing that is closed off with too much preparation and the fear of not getting it perfect. A tight writer is a boring writer. The language becomes stilted and creativity is restrained.

Remember also, editing and proofreading come later.

Your first draft is just that. No one is going to read it. But within that rough jumble of words are the seeds of genius. They reflect who you really are, what you really feel, and how you really see your topic. This is the good stuff.

The stuff people want to read.

If you stifle it, if you make writing a word-by-word struggle, your missing out on what connects you with your audience.

Besides, daily writing is hard enough - especially when you've been publishing articles three days a week for months and still have few visitors, which is common but especially challenging for new bloggers to push through.

Putting pressure on yourself to hit every point you want to make, and in a stylish way, can make blogging downright impossible - if not a miserable experience. Your writing will come in fits and starts, if at all, and every time you sit down to your computer will feel like a battle.

The best solution is to not fight it.

Refuse to bring to your writing sessions anything but a carefree attitude. Let your writing flow. Allow it to pull you into a state where time flies and you become unaware of the world around you.

The experience must bring enough pleasure that you'll keep opening your laptop day after day. This doesn't mean that you'll always love it. You won't. But there is enough fulfillment and satisfaction there to keep you going.

Consistency in blogging is more important than writing the perfect blog post. That amazing article you're so happy with will come once in awhile, for sure. But you mustn't plan for it. You can't plan for it. Great writing will mysteriously appear if you just keep writing.

And it will appear more often if you do it simply for the fun of it. In time, it will even become predictable. Once you sit down to write, the battle is already won. All you have to do is to start tapping the letters.

Put on some music if you like - without lyrics is best for getting into a state of flow - and decide that if nothing else you're going to have fun. You're going to write and accept what you've created, come what may.

It's the secret, if there is one, to keep the dream alive.

It's the secret to being interesting and tapping into the uniqueness awaiting inside you to be shared with the world. It's the secret to building and keeping a community of fans who can't wait for your next blog post.

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