• Michael Linsin

Why I Deleted 20,000 Subscribers

A couple of days ago I deleted 20,000 subscribers from my blog. No, it wasn't a mistake. And yes, it hurt to watch my total number of subscribers drop by almost 20 percent. But it was something I had to do for the sake of my business.

Here's why:

They were inactive.

The subscribers I deleted hadn't opened an email from me for the past six months or more. So not only were they not visiting my blog or ordering my books and guides - which is the whole purpose of sending out emails - but they weren't even opening them.

It was costing me money.

Whether or not my emails were opened or clicked-through doesn't matter to MailerLite. They charge based on the number of emails I send out every week. By keeping subscribers around who weren't engaged, I was spending money for no good reason.

It was hurting my deliverability.

The more engagement you have, the more likely your emails will be sent directly to your readers' inbox rather than becoming identified as spam or blacklisted. When they're ignored, it hurts your reputation and weakens your deliverability.

GDPR doesn't allow you to keep data indefinitely.

Under the GDPR guidelines, you must be able to state why you're keeping someone's data on hand. Engaging with your content is an acceptable reason. But if they're not even opening your newsletters, you don't have much of an argument for keeping their email address.

It's About Sales

The point of having an email newsletter is to funnel readers to your helpful content and eventually toward purchasing your product(s). And if that isn't happening with a segment of your subscribers, then it's best to cut them loose.

It's tough to do, no doubt. You want to believe that they'll come back, that they'll start clicking through and becoming customers. But this is extremely unlikely, and the cost - as we see above - is much too high.

So bite the bullet. Allow your ego, and the big numbers you've accrued, to take a hit. And let them go.

Until next week . . .

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