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7 Reasons to Start a Blog During a Pandemic

The coronavirus has pushed us into a prison of our own homes. It's drawn us away from friends, coworkers, and social activities. We have more time on our hands, but few options to use it meaningfully.

So we numb our minds with Netflix and YouTube. We play video games. We clean out our closets for the third time and putter around the house looking for something to do.

We live in our malaise day after day with a creeping feeling that none of this is good for us, not for our mental or physical health.

Besides getting more exercise, the answer, in my opinion, is to find purpose. It's to find a goal to shoot for, an activity to get excited about. Although this too can be limited in the age of Covid, there is one thing that is readily available to anyone with an internet connection.

It's a blog, and it has the power to change your life, now and in the future, and pull you out of the pandemic funk that's affecting all of us.

What follows are seven reasons why you should start a blog today.

1. It takes the focus off you.

If there is something you enjoy doing or thinking about more than anything else, or if you have a specialized knowledge, a blog allows you to share it with others - which feels awesome. Maybe it's camping or baseball or pet snakes. Doesn't matter. Giving of yourself and sharing your gifts is a balm for whatever ails you.

2. It's motivational.

A blog has a unique way of pulling us deep into our new hobby. There is so much to learn and so many rewards to enjoy. It also sparks kinship with others who share the same passion, and imbues us with the desire to be good stewards of our work and knowledge. It's highly motivational because our readers - or future readers - are counting on us.

3. It's exciting.

Checking your stats one day and realizing that you've had your very first visitor or subscriber is a moment you'll never forget. Someone is interested! Which means others will be interested too. Watching your blog grow over the months and years is exciting and never, ever gets old.

4. It's rewarding.

As your blog becomes more established, your readers will start reaching out to thank you and connect with you. They'll share stories about how you've helped them or about their own ideas and discoveries. Realizing that you're having an impact, that your words matter, is so rewarding.

5. It's meditative.

Writing about something you care about has a way of sending you into a state of flow, where your focus becomes so narrow and intense that time flies and your body seems to float away from your mind. It's a great feeling. Moreover, studies show that getting into flow often is one of the secrets to happiness.

6. It builds confidence.

A successful blog can be incredibly fulfilling. It can give you authority in your niche, open many wonderful opportunities, and even garner you national recognition. But it's the confidence it gives you, having built something entirely on your own and relying on your own unique creativity, that will be the source of your biggest personal change.

7. It's lucrative.

There is no guarantee, of course, but it's possible to make an excellent living as a blogger. It may be just a little extra cash in the beginning, but with determination it can grow into a full-time income. It does take time, but in this age of coronavirus and uncertainty, it's always smart to have a side hustle.

Join Me

Starting a blog many years ago was one of the best decisions of my life. I experienced all of the above, and still do today.

However, during this pandemic I'd been feeling adrift myself. Working from home. Tired of staring at the television. Looking for a new challenge. I decided to start Renegade Blogger, and it's been so much fun. As of this writing - it's been about a week since I started - I have yet to have a single visitor.

But I know it's coming.

Yesterday, over at my other blog, I had over 20,000 visitors. It's very cool, definitely, and I don't take it for granted. It's been eleven years in the making. But that first visitor I get here at Renegade Blogger . . .

I'm going to be so excited. I hope you'll join me in starting your own blog. It's easy to begin. Just check out this page, follow the steps, and you're on your way.

If you haven't done so already, please joins us. Click here and begin getting articles like this one in your email box.

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