• Michael Linsin

How to Sell Your Products Without Being Salesy

Here at Renegade Blogger, we're not fans of the hard sell. We don't like sales funnels or timed email blasts or obnoxious marketing tactics.

We don't use or recommend foot-in-the-door techniques or over-the-top promises. We hate the infomercial-like hype videos. The reason is that, although being aggressive and "salesy"can give you a boost in sales in the short term, they turn off your readers. They undermine future sales and injure your reputation. They can also make everything you do, even your blog posts, seem manipulative.

We believe in a more passive approach to selling. We find that it builds a stronger business and brand name over the long haul. Our philosophy is to produce good, free content for readers. That's pretty much it. Do this and they'll naturally want to buy from you. They'll buy out of their trust in you. They'll buy out of reciprocation and belief that your products will help them.

Furthermore, by making sure that every product you offer is high quality, high value, and highly effective, you guarantee future sales on everything you sell. Most of my customers at Smart Classroom Management own more than one of my books. Many own all six books plus the four e-guides I offer.

But it does beg the question: How do they know about your products?

After all, you do have to get them in front of your readers. Your readers do need to be made aware of what you offer. Otherwise, you won't sell anything. So how do you thread the needle? How do you promote your products without being aggressive and obnoxious and turning off readers?

We recommend the following three strategies.

1. Welcome email

When a visitor signs up to become a subscriber, we recommend sending them an automated email welcoming them to your community. In the email, you'll want to mention the benefits of being a regular reader. You'll want to link to popular posts or evergreen content and tell them who you are and what you do.

But you should also use it as an opportunity to educate them on what products you offer. Many people are looking for immediate answers to a problem they're facing - which is why they subscribed - and will often buy right off the bat. Simply making them aware of what you offer via your welcome email results in sales. At the very least, it places a seed in their mind that maybe they'd like to buy from you in the future.

2. Sidebar

I include linked images of all of my products in the sidebar at Smart Classroom Management as a continual reminder of what is available for purchase. This way, every single time a visitor reads a blog post they see the titles of my books and guides. Most of my sales come this way.

Out of curiosity a reader will click on an image that will take them to a sales page, either of my own making or a page at Amazon. Either way, it takes them to where they can purchase with a single click of a button.

3. Within the text

I've found that writing articles that focus on helping readers allows me to link to my books and guides within the text. In other words, I'll write a sentence or paragraph that might cause a reader to want to know more about the topic.

This is the perfect place to link to one of my products. For example, if I write about a time-management strategy for teachers, I'll link to my book The Happy Teacher Habits. I get many, many extra sales every time I do this.

Be Helpful

The key to all three strategies is that they help the reader. There is no trickery or sleight of hand. You're merely letting your readers know that your products and solutions are available if they're interested.

This approach is not only easy, but it supports growing a huge website of raving fans. Take care of them first. Offer great content for free. And they'll buy from you.

Again and again.

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