• Michael Linsin

The Secret Blogging Success Formula for Every Blogger

Scott and I aren't very good at this whole Renegade Blogger thing. At least, not yet.

Oh, we've had success with other projects, sure. Scott has built multiple companies from scratch and I've grown a lucrative blog. But Renegade Blogger is new for both of us, and we're still trying to find our sea legs.

We're still trying to find our style and voice and how to compliment one another. It's a long road and there are no guarantees, but I think we'll get there. I don't say that because of our particular skills or the successes we've had in the past.

(We've also experienced plenty of failures.)

But I'm confident we can gain traction in this extremely competitive niche for two reasons - both of which are available to you or anyone else who wants to start a blog. Yes, Scott is an expert in SEO, but I think he'll tell you that it isn't the golden road to surefire riches.

It is an advantage, no doubt about it, and Scott is going to freely share his SEO knowledge every week here on this blog.

But we still have to write good stuff. We still have to provide value to you our readers so you'll subscribe and keep coming back. Which brings me back to the two reasons I think we'll ultimately succeed.

The first is that we're not going to quit.

As of today, September 26th, and after nine weeks and 27 posts, we've had only a handful of visitors. But we're undeterred. We may not have much traffic for another 10-14 months, and we're okay with that.

Successful blogging is a long game and we have enough experience to know that the ubiquitous stories of new bloggers having thousands of page views after a few months are a rarity - if even true. We assume it's not going to happen to us, so we don't worry about it. We carry on and do the work that needs to be done.

The second reason I think we'll succeed eventually is because we're going to write great stuff. We're going to write the most interesting and valuable content you can find anywhere on the internet.

That's a bold statement, I know. But I don't make it lightly. It will happen, but not because I think we're so flippin' great and like to talk trash like NBA basketball players. To the contrary. Right now, we're not very good. And we know it.

But we also know that if we stick it out, if we hang in there through the inevitable disappointments, then we're going to create really good content. We are going to find our voice and connect with our readers and give them something they can't get anywhere else.

You see, when you commit to a project - really commit - when you throw your hat over the wall and decide that nothing will stop you from doing the work week after week, for months and years on end, then you just get better.

By focusing on excellence rather than numbers, by making writing a habit you'll get done even on a holiday, before you know it your blog will become what you envision it to be.

So, one of the best pieces of advice I can ever give you, from one blogger to another, is to never quit and thus consistently create great content your readers will love. Take care of the first - which is the one thing completely in your control.

And the second will happen naturally.

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