• Michael Linsin

Why It's Awesome to Get Negative Comments on Your Blog

It may not feel awesome. In fact, it can feel downright soul-crushing to get negative comments about your latest blog post. But you need to get them.

Because it shows that you're being authentic. It shows that you're being true to how you really feel and what you really think. You must stir something inside your readers - even if it's anger and frustration - or you won't be worth reading.

You won't build a tribe of fans who love your work if you don't stand for something real and reflective of who you are. If you believe in your perspective - and have compelling reasons to back up your assertions - then you have an obligation to your readers to go there.

Yes, some comments will be cruel. Some will misrepresent what you actually wrote (which can be particularly disheartening). Some will get personal and call you names and try to hurt you.

But it comes with the territory. You must have rhinoceros skin if you decide to become a blogger. That isn't to say that you should court negative comments or write in a way to purposefully anger readers.

If you do, it will come across as phony or manipulative.

However, you must be unafraid to tackle controversial topics within your niche. Just be sure to think them through and be willing to take the slings and arrows that come with them. Be willing to be disliked and disagreed with.

The anonymity of being online can bring out the worst in some people. They'll say things to you that they'll never say to anyone face to face. After eleven years of blogging sometimes I'm still taken aback by the harshness and the venom. Sometimes it does still hurt.

But I remember that I chose to do this and that it means that I'm writing with courage and conviction. I'm not trying to manipulate anyone or seek my own personal revenge or be anyone but myself. It also means that I'm on the right track.

Because, you see, those same articles that get the most negative comments are also the most popular. They get shared the most, are connected to the highest sales, and result in greater and greater numbers of visitors and subscribers.

So if you get a bad comment, don't fret. It's a sign you're doing just fine.

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