• Michael Linsin

Do You Need a Morning Routine to Be a Successful Blogger?

Spend enough time perusing blogging sites and you're bound to run into articles espousing the importance of establishing a morning routine. You'll read a myriad of the same, tired advice.

  • Wake up at the same time every day.

  • Make your bed.

  • Take a cold shower.

  • Drink bullet-proof coffee.

  • Mediate.

  • Do Wim-Hof Breathing.

  • Journal.

The advice is often written with a sense of reverence, as if following a morning routine is a spiritual experience. The life-change it brings about is so transformative, so remarkable and monk-like, that you'll reach a state of nirvana and your creative juices will flow without effort.

You'd be crazy - probably even a loser - not to follow it.

After all, Tim Ferriss does. And if a rock-star content creator like Ferriss has a morning routine, then maybe you too will reach the mountaintop.

Please forgive me. I know I sound cynical. But here's the thing. Yes, a morning routine can be helpful as a time-management tool. That is, in order to get your daily business taken care of efficiently so you can get to the important creative work of the day. In that sense, if you are a chronic procrastinator, then it can be a good tool.

However, for the most part, the big whipty-do about morning routines is because they (the writers) are trying to sell you something. It may be a book or a course about habits. It may be page views or subscriptions to their blog or YouTube channel. The idea that a change in how and when you brush your teeth and exercise will somehow give you results in other areas of your life is a popular one.

It's popular because it distracts you from the cold, hard truth that you must walk over to your desk, sit down, and do the work - and there is nothing on God's green earth that will help you do that other than sitting down and DOING THE WORK.

A morning routine is attractive because it gives you an excuse why your fifth attempt at starting a blog or Instagram account isn't going well. It's one demon among the legion that masses just outside the castle to form what author and blogger Stephen Pressfield calls resistance. It beckons and calls and whispers its diabolical propositions to pull you away from what it really takes to succeed: Time in the chair.

So, should you have a morning routine? Sure, if it helps you save time. But if you find yourself joining the cult-like following of those believing it has the power to give them the influence and celebrity they want, then take a hard pass.

Sleep in with me. Get your crap done. Then get down to the business of writing.

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