• Michael Linsin

Is Blogging A Viable Career?

Don't quit your day job.

That isn't to say that blogging can't be a viable career. It can. It's just that there is no guarantee that it will. In fact, it takes many months after starting a blog to even determine whether it has the potential to become a real job.

In my case, I made a small amount of money - around $1500 - my first year of blogging while still working full time. This, I thought, was enough sign to keep going. The following year, I did even better, which was good.

Heading in the right direction.

But realistically, it only meant that if I kept going, I had a chance to eventually make a living. There were no assurances. It wasn't until five years later when my blog surpassed my full-time income that I felt confident that it would keep growing.

Still, and to this day, I've maintained an outside job. I only work part-time, but I keep it for the health benefits and because I know I can go back to full-time work if ever I need to - like if a pandemic were to wipe out the industry I blog about.

Besides, I enjoy the work. It's teaching high school, which for me is the perfect counterpoint to the solitary nature of blogging.

The lesson is that in all but the rarest cases it takes years to know whether you truly can make a living. "I'm going to become a blogger!" said no one ever in response to what they were going to do for a career.

Again, it can happen. But it isn't something you just choose. There is a certain amount of luck involved in blogging that you can't get around - no matter how much knowledge or writing skill you have or how much pre-planning you do.

Beyond that, and most important, you must have the toughness to keep going day after day when there is no guarantee for success.

This is the hardest part and the greatest mental hurdle to overcome; the idea of putting in so much time and effort and the real chance of having nothing to show for it.

Please understand, I love blogging and believe wholeheartedly that anyone who has the never-give-up gene, and is willing to keep learning and growing, will make it in time. If not with your current blog than with the next one.

No one is stopping you but you.

The truth is, because so many people quit after just a few months is the reason blogging is such a great potential career choice. It gives tough-minded souls who would rather die than quit a huge advantage, greatly increasing the odds of success.

As the others start heading back to base camp, the die-hards will continue on, pressing relentlessly toward the summit of their dreams.

So, is blogging a viable career?

Yes, it is. It's as viable as being a firefighter or a nurse or a teacher. Maybe not at first and maybe not for everyone. But if you keep at it, if you refuse to jump ship despite the storms, it will be for you.

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