• Michael Linsin

How to Turn Blogging into Coaching

Blogging is a form of sharing your expertise in a particular field or niche. With time, if you provide them benefit, your readers will come to see you as an expert.

This gives them confidence that if they decide to use your coaching services, they know ahead of time that your advice will be worth the price you charge---which is what you need to get actual paying clients.

My blog, Smart Classroom Management, was five years old when I placed a simple "Personal Coaching" button on the menu bar. By that time I'd received enough consistent positive feedback to make me think that it might be something my readers would be interested in.

Sure enough, within just a few days I had my first client. I've grown a lot since then, and now coaching has become a considerable part of my business.

I started by charging $125 per hour via Skype. Now my fee is $195 an hour and will probably stay there for the foreseeable future. With experimentation, I've learned that $195 is what my readers are willing to pay for what I offer.

More than $195 and the number of clients goes down. Less than that price and I have more clients than I have time for.

My best advice for starting a coaching business is to first prove yourself with your blog. Wait until you know you're able to provide helpful guidance before making your coaching services available. Be helpful, first and foremost, and supply great benefit for free on your blog.

Don't hold back any of your best strategies, techniques, etc. Use them to establish yourself as an expert your readers will want to pay for one-on-one advice. Once you're viewed as an authority within your industry, then make coaching available at a reasonable price.

It's smart to think long term and to build up your reputation over time. If you throw up your shingle too soon, it will look like you just want to profit and don't really care about your readers as people.

Be generous on your blog. Give your best stuff. And when it's time to start coaching, you'll have more customers than you can handle.

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