• Michael Linsin

How to Make $45,000 in Three Weeks

The great benefit of having a large email subscriber list is that when you come out with a new product, you already have an interested customer base.

That doesn't mean they're going to buy.

But it does mean that they'll take a hard look at what you're offering. You'll never have the feeling of being a tree falling in the forest. You will get sales. You will get social media buzz. And if your selling proposition resonates, it can be life-changing.

I've been blessed with six bestselling educational books and three e-guides that continue to sell week after week. These are what author Ryan Holiday calls perennial sellers. You write them once but receive steady monthly income for years and years.

This has been my business approach from the beginning. I slowly increased my income by adding to the number of books and guides over the years. Doing it this way suits me and my desire to earn a living I can count on and that will last long after I've finished blogging.

It also helps cement my reputation as an expert in the field.

However, about three years ago I decided to stick my toe in the red hot business of teaching courses online. I'd heard about the amazing profits that could be had in a short amount of time and was intrigued. So I did my research.

The opportunity to make big money is there, for sure. Many are doing it. Profiting from online courses isn't a pie-in-the-sky scheme. And I now know from experience.

I created a course through Teachable. I promoted it for a few weeks on my website. Then, the day the course was scheduled to open for enrollment, I crossed myself and jumped into the fray. Three weeks later, I had an additional $45,259.43 in my bank account.

Pretty awesome.

I was definitely excited. And it proved to me that online courses are indeed an excellent source of high income. So why, to this day, haven't I come out with any more courses? Well, I still may in the future. But here's the thing: I wasn't terribly happy with the product I created. I thought the content was great. It precisely reflected what I wanted to communicate.

I also received good feedback. The $99 price tag seemed about right and people were happy with their purchase.

But despite having a high-end camera, lighting set-up, and professional slides, I disliked the look and tone of the course. I wasn't happy with my energy level - despite take after take. And the picture quality, while good, seemed off to me.

I think it's critical if you're to be a successful blogger who creates products for sale that everything you produce be first-class. It should compete at the very highest level in not only quality of content but also in design and production.

Although the course did make a lot of quick money, I was embarrassed that it didn't meet the same high standards of my books. So now three years later I'm still licking my wounds and deciding whether to give it another shot.

You see, every time you offer a product, a lot is at stake.

Put out something crappy and you may indeed make some cash, but it will be at the expense of your reputation as well as future sales of your other stuff.

Offering online courses is a great opportunity for bloggers. I do recommend it. But you must be cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses. If you aren't 100 percent proud of your work, then keep "chopping wood and carrying water" until you are.

Otherwise, any success you experience will never be worth it in the end.

No matter how much money you make.

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