• Michael Linsin

How to Find Topics to Blog About

This isn't your typical article on this subject. You see, I don't believe you should go looking for topics to blog about.

Instead, I believe in allowing your topic to choose you.

You can certainly do a Google search and try to find topics that may be in an uncrowded blogging niche. But the problem with approach is that blogging is hard enough if you are passionate about the topic.

If it's something you only have a passing interest in, then your chances of sticking it out over the long haul are slim.

It's far better to let the topic do the picking.

In other words, you should select from the hobbies and interests that you already enjoy and know a lot about.

You're going to be stuck with your topic for many months or years if you hope to build an audience. That's a long time to write about knitting, gardening, or photography if you don't love those activities.

Furthermore, if you don't have a solid background knowledge about your topic to begin with, then you're going to spend a lot of time researching. To find the best topic for you, consider these three questions:

1. How do I spend my free time?

2. What do I enjoy doing more than anything else?

3. What do I want to learn more about?

Even if your topic is in a competitive niche, you have a greater chance of succeeding if you truly enjoy it. Success in blogging is largely about not giving up - as you get better and more interesting to your readers over time.

So pick something that is already there, right in front of your nose, and worry less about whether the topic has potential to make money.

The money will come if you provide a great service.

It will come if you help your readers succeed in or enjoy the topic like you do. It will come if your topic is authentically part of who you are rather than a get-rich-quick scheme that never works.

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