• Michael Linsin

A Surefire Way to Get More Sales on Your Blog

As I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I'm dead set against high-pressure sales. I don't like sales funnels or targeted email campaigns or even asking directly for readers to purchase. Blogging isn't like selling used cars. It's passive, making money while you sleep, work, or exercise in the gym.

You'll do far better in the long run by cultivating your readers. Serve them. Help them. Make their life better. And sales will happen naturally.

That isn't to say that their aren't strategies you can use to boost your sales. There are. In fact, there are many, which we'll be sure to cover in future articles. Today, I'd like to share with you one such strategy. It's super easy and never fails to increase your weekly sales by 25-50 percent.

What is it?

It's to place a link within the text of your article to your sales page. It could be an internal sales page on your website or an external one like Amazon. Now, this isn't something you should do willy-nilly. You can't put the link just anywhere. It must be strategic. In my experience, a good link placement is:

  • Above the fold (viewable without having to scroll)

  • Relevant (within text that discusses topics apropos to your product)

  • Helpful (where readers appreciate being able to learn more)

That last one is most important. Your article should be beneficial to readers in its own right. In other words, it still needs to stand on its own. However, the link to your product should give your readers the option to learn more, acquire deeper help, or find a more complete solution. In this way, your link becomes appreciated.

It isn't forced or unwelcome. It isn't obnoxious or salesy. It's just helpful. It's unobtrusively there if they need it. If they don't, no problem. But if they do - and many do - then you can get a lot more sales. It's also important to point out that you mustn't write the article for the express purpose of selling more product.

This tends to backfire. Write a good, helpful article and then slip in one or two links to your product.

Now, there is an important caveat to this strategy: You can't use it all the time. Otherwise, your readers will grow weary of your links. They'll stop clicking on them if they know you're always going to send them to a sales pages.

Most of your links should still be internal links to free, helpful articles that are relevant to your topic. But once in a while - say, once every two or three months - links to your product pages can give you a nice jump in sales. And if you're selling on Amazon, more sales begets more sales. You get more clicks and reviews and the Amazon algorithm sends more customers to your page.

Providing links to your products within the occasional article is an excellent strategy and very easy to do. But it's just one in a basketful Scott and I have in store for you in the coming months. So stay tuned.

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