• Scott Herring

Get in Focus

I'm an amateur photographer, a lifehacker, and a blogger. All three of those pursuits rely on FOCUS. And that's why I urge you to apply this critical concept to your blogging.

Unless you want to create throwaway images when taking photos, you need your camera to be in focus. I take lots (and lots) of sports photos. Many times, because the action moves faster than my reaction, I wind up with blurry photos. Conversely, if I get it right, that picture of a curve ball leaving the pitcher's hand looks like a baseball card. Focus is essential.

One of my favorite "business writers" is Steven Kotler. A few years ago, he wrote The Rise of Superman, an analysis of flow in action sports like surfing, free climbing, and winged-suit flying. He's added Stealing Fire and The Art of Impossible since then, exploring the impact of flow on people like Navy SEALs, Google employees, and authors. Flow, by definition, is focus so deep that you lose yourself in your work. If you can get in flow, you have learn more, have more fun, and deliver better work. Focus is powerful.

Renegade Blogger isn't anywhere near my main job. It's a side hustle, a passion project. But I find it easy to write something each week by carving out time and, you guessed it, focusing. I've written about my process, which helps drive me from start to finish. Quite frankly, lately I've been overly busy, so the timeline to write has been compressed. Fortunately I have a backlog of topics, a consistent identity (renegade!). Combine my process with Michael's tools for staying focused and you can crank, keeping the rhythm, publishing on schedule, and building your SEO bricks. Focus is instrumental.

Get in focus. Think of yourself as a camera, an extreme athlete (like Laird Hamilton surfing 50 foot waves at Jaws), or a Pulitzer Prize author on deadline. You'll block out the distractions, and ultimately, deliver.


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