• Michael Linsin

How Covid-19 is an Opportunity for Bloggers

Same old, same old need not apply. So much has changed during the past several months that blogging as you did before is a recipe for lower traffic, fewer subscribers, and lost revenue.

Think about it.

Nearly every conversation nowadays includes the latest on the pandemic and predictions of the future. To ignore it completely on your blog makes you appear out of touch in the least or that you've got your head stuck in the sand.

This doesn't mean that you have to write about it every week or that you even have to talk about it directly. People are following the news so closely these days that there is no reason to cover similar ground.

But what you do need to do is write about how the pandemic is affecting your niche. Readers seem to have an endless desire to know everything about anything associated with Covid-19 and its impact on the world.

So if you can be the first in your industry - or better yet the expert in your industry - to detail its effect on your sport, business, hobby, etc., then you have the potential to take a giant leap in the growth of your blog.

Whenever I write about this topic over at Smart Classroom Management, my numbers go through the roof. The past three articles have received social shares of 1,300, 673, and 7,900 respectfully. Page views have been well over 100,000.

Marcus Aurelius once said . . .

The impediment to action advances action.

What stands in the way becomes the way.

What he meant, and what Ryan Holiday makes a strong case for in his book The Obstacle is the Way, is that the bad news in our lives can be used as opportunities if we change our way of thinking.

It doesn't always work perfectly. Life is sloppy. But if we don't give up, if we keep our wits about us and our eyes open for opportunities, they'll present themselves. Seen through the right lens, though sad and tragic, Covid can be used to push us out of our comfort zone and into something more, better, and creative.

It can be used as a springboard to greater things. But it starts with accepting the changes its made in our lives, coming to terms with them, and then educating others in your niche.

So don't shy away. Write boldly about the pandemic. Show your readers another way around - over, under, or through. Be the go-to person in your niche. The leader your readers are looking for in this uncertain time.

Ease their fear and stress, provide new solutions, and Covid will be the vessel upon which you sail to success.

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