• Michael Linsin

Are Formal or Informal Blogs Better?

Informal blogs are more personal. Generally speaking, they're about you and your experiences in a particular field or as part of a lifestyle, like deep-sea fishing, raising kids, or CrossFit.

You may offer help to your reader, but your advice is told from your unique perspective rather than from outside sources or research studies.

Informal blogs are written as if you're talking to an old friend, which can make them easier to connect with readers. You show your personality and vulnerability. You may even share personal details of your life.

The style of informal blog writing is relaxed. There is less concern with grammar and conventions and more focus on just being yourself. With informal blogs you're less likely to get called out for typos or run-on sentences.

They also tend to have more photographs of you and your family or friends that recount your daily adventures. Because of their improvisational nature, writing informally can be a lot easier. You write about what has happened or what is about to happen.

There is little in the way of planning. No outlines or paragraph headings. You just dive in and begin writing.

However, informal bloggers typically post more often that formal bloggers, sometimes up to 2-3 times per week.

Formal blogs, on the other hand, are focused on the reader and the reader's own self-improvement. They're about teaching them something new or guiding them to become something more, better, or different.

Many of the articles are organized in numbered lists, steps, or bullet points. And although informal blogs can be profitable - some highly so - formal blogs are more direct in there desire to sell you something.

You know it right off the bat.

Clear communication is most critical to their success, and thus formal blogs are written more professionally. Articles are less frequent - once a week or even once a month - but are typically in a longer form of content - somewhere between 800-2000 words.

That isn't to say that there aren't rule-breakers among formal bloggers. I consider myself a formal blogger and my articles rarely run longer than 800 words. Although most bloggers fall into one of these two camps, there are really no rules you're required to follow.

So which is better, formal or informal?

It depends on you. You may find that your own style encompasses traits from both categories, which is perfectly fine. It doesn't really matter. Just do you. Express yourself in whatever way feels right and let others decide what box to put you in.

My advice? Regardless of whether you see yourself as a formal or informal blogger, be creative. Show readers something different. The blogging world is crowded. There is a lot of competition.

But there isn't a lot of originality.

This gives you a way in. Embracing who you are, no matter how weird or out of step it seems, is a great way to stand out in the crowd.

It's a great way to grow quickly and build an audience of raving fans who see the world - or want to see the world - like you do.

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