• Michael Linsin

3 Title Secrets That Get Your Readers to Click

The big picture goal of every blog post is to draw your readers into the text of your article. It's to entice them from one sentence to the next and on down to the bottom of the page. Here at RB, we plan on showing you exactly how to do this in future articles.

In the meantime, however, and more importantly, are the titles of your articles.

Because, you see, if your titles aren't compelling, if they don't pique your readers' interest enough to get them to click through to your article, then all those hours spent banging away on your laptop are for naught.

The good news is that coming up with great article titles is easy - if, that is, you're privy to the following three secrets.

1. Use How-To

How-to titles are by far my favorite because they tell the reader exactly what your article is about. They also describe a common problem your readers experience and promise a solution. I've written hundreds of how-to articles and keep doing so year after year because they work.

They tend to get higher click-through rates, keep readers engaged and longer on the page, and result in more sales. Just think up a common problem in your genre or industry and put a "How to" in front of it and you're good to go.

2. Use Why

Why titles work well because they force you to take a position on an issue. (ex. Why Ford Trucks are Junk.) They tend to be controversial and either confirm or refute your readers' beliefs, which always gets them fired up.

You will get some angry pushback - which is actually a good thing - but Why articles are always among the most popular. The key is to be earnest and unafraid to speak your mind. If you really feel Ford trucks are junk, then you should definitely go there.

3. Ask a Question

Question titles force readers to consider life's tough challenges. (ex. Are You Trying Too Hard to be Liked?) They get their minds turning, which then leads to them clicking on your article to read your take on the subject.

Inherent in a question title is also the promise of a solution or answer. If you're able to deliver compellingly, then your visitor numbers and social shares will skyrocket. You'll also receive a bump in subscribers.

I rely on each of these three types of titles at least 80-90 percent of the time. They're really that effective. They're also easy to write, taking less time and thought than most other titles.

The other benefit is that they help guide your writing. Because they're so straight forward, they keep you focused on educating your reader and helping them tackle problems that make their life better.

Do this, and do it consistently, and you'll grow.

Thanks for reading

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