• Michael Linsin

3 Reasons To Update Your Blog Design

I'm currently working on a new website design for Smart Classroom Management. I'm not making big changes, just small tweaks here and there to update the look and feel of the user's experience.

I try to make at least a few cosmetic alterations two or three times a year. Although a small thing, I think it's important. Here's why:

1. Someone is minding the store.

A new logo or color scheme sends the message to your readers that there is someone behind the scenes who cares. They're on top of things and continually working to improve the experience for the reader. It's the details that subconsciously communicate that everything - every product offered and every bit of content - can be trusted.

2. You're on the cutting edge.

Updating your design lets readers know that you're on the cutting edge of your niche. The design itself doesn't have to be cutting edge. The change alone shows your refusal to become stale and stuck in your ways and your embrace of the avant-garde. Unlike so many others, your blog won't grow old at the same rate you do.

3. It's a reminder to be bold.

A new look isn't just good for your readers. It's good for you, too. Especially if you're traffic is down or your recent articles haven't resonated as strongly as expected, change can reinvigorate you and push you to write with flair and boldness. It's a reminder of who you are and how you became successful in the first place.

Change or Die

To enhance the benefits above, I recommend taking chances each time you update your design. Make changes that seem almost too edgy, that make you uncomfortable. Doing so says a lot of good things to your readers about your brand.

It also forces you out of your comfort zone.

The adage to change or die is apropos when it comes to blogging. You have to stay current. You have to push the envelop. You have to be more and different, devoted to offering something your competitors can't or won't.

A redesign can take time, yes. For me, at least a couple of days. But it's so worth it. It's worth it for you and keeping a fresh and fearless mentality and worth it for your readers who must continue to see you as the Salvador Dalí of your industry.

Until next time . . .

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