About the Renegade Bloggers

Michael Linsin

Hi, I'm Michael Linsin. Welcome to Renegade Blogger.

I started this website in response to the slew of bad advice you'll find when looking for how to start and grow a successful blog - even, and sometimes especially, from the most popular blogging sites on the internet.

I started my own blog, called Smart Classroom Management, in 2009. I made money my first year and grew every year thereafter. Today, that same blog takes in an average 15-20k per month and has provided more enjoyment and meaning to my life than I ever imagined.

When you get a chance, please check it out. Make sure it's legit. You see, most of those blogging sites are run by people who have never actually grown a blog other than the one giving advice on how to blog.


Do you see the irony? 


Their advice is based on what they read from other "experts" - which is why you see the same headlines on every site - or what they glean from manipulating their readers. I'm not suggesting that they're dishonest, but they benefit from keeping you dissatisfied and in need of them.


The truth is, blogging is far simpler than they make it out to be. More than half of what they recommend, in fact, you never, ever need to do. Nor should you. Much of it is a giant waste of time.


The most successful bloggers, like Seth Godin, Maria Popov, and Leo Babauta, are rule-breakers. They don't follow any particular script. They don't spend hours on SEO or writing headlines or on any other strategy they're supposed to be following.


They do, however, have a few things in common, which we'll cover in detail here at Renegade blogger.

We're also going to cover what really works. Not the fluff or the tedium and complex, but only what matters most to your success.


I'm going to tell it like it is, warts and all, and nothing more. The articles will be brief but easy to implement and often the opposite of what you'll hear anywhere else. 

I'm going to share everything I know, and I'm going to give it all away for free. There are no courses to buy or mastermind groups to join. You're not going to be put into a sales funnel or marketed to. If you want, you can subscribe to be notified whenever I post a new article. But that's it.


So why am I doing this?


Because I love it. I love blogging and I want to help others experience the same success I have. 


The only thing I ask is that you act on what you read. Don't let your new knowledge wither on the vine. So many who want to start an online business are in a perpetual state of research, but never actually do anything.

They don't act on their dreams and thus never fulfill them.

Starting a blog and making real money isn't as complex as the "experts" make it out to be. It's still a challenge, I won't kid you. But if you're willing to put in the work, it's doable for anyone. I'm living proof. 


One more thing: You may notice at times that I'm not taking my own advice with this blog. The reason is that Renegade Blogger is just for fun, and I may do a little experimenting.


I assure you, however, that every strategy I recommend, every bit of advice, has been proven many times over during the last eleven years and is currently being used right now over at Smart Classroom Management

One more thing before you go.


Please be sure to read How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps, check out the blogging resources I recommend, and remember to become a subscriber.

Thanks for stopping by! 




Scott Herring

Hey! I'm Scott Herring, AKA "Beagle".


Starting way back in 1994, I was a trailblazing website developer at my startup fresh ground software, bringing dozens of music companies and small businesses onto the web (yes, Web 1.0!). fresh ground's "no straight lines" approach to website development earned us awards and a business that grew quickly. We eventually sold our souls to a large, soul-sucking music software company. Our client list was all over the map, including record labels, music publishers, spirits businesses, sporting goods, and major media companies.

Around 1998, someone said, "Beagle, you are one twisted puppy". So when I returned to the office, I registered the domain twistedpuppy.com. Twelve years later, that domain became the home of a digital marketing agency specializing in building websites and creating sustainable marketing campaigns. Twisted Puppy has served a wide variety of emerging companies and enterprise clients. We are a rare breed.

With over 30 years in marketing and more than 200 websites and campaigns in the books, I've built a rare combination of technical skills and marketing experience. Through fresh ground and Twisted Puppy, I have connected with opportunities to "10x" a few businesses, moving revenue 'up and to the right'. I'm currently leading Webapper, a cloud consulting operation, through the next phase of its growth -- our CEO used to work at fresh ground! I thrive on content marketing playbooks that use SEO and email to build audiences, traffic, and conversions.

I live near the beaches in LA, and I thrive on surfing, skateboarding, punk rock, indie films, street art, and sushi. And my latest twisted puppy is a docile beagle named Sid Vicious.

I've logged thousands of hours building sites and blogs, and I'm still learning too...the lessons never stop. I hope my ideas fuel your blog's growth.

- Beagle